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I was cleaning up my computer and something in my Clip Studio got corrupted, so I had to uninstall it all and reinstall it. I didn't lose any work, but in the process it did uninstall all my materials and assets, as well as any materials or pallettes or auto actions I had created. I can recover most if not all of the downloaded assets, but it will take me a while to get my workspace back to how I like it. Until I can get it all back I will be working a lot slower, unfortunately. This is majorly disappointing to me, as I had been actually working much, much faster than usual at this stage in creating a chapter. So I'm a bit disheartened. Hopefully it won't be too much trouble to get my necessary assets back, and I can continue working as I put my workspace back in order.


I've been really slacking on working on my comic this last month or so, but I've just finished laying all the flat color for the whole chapter and am about to start shading. So, almost done, but also shading takes me the longest lol. Hopefully I can really push myself to work on it consistently and I'll be able to get it out on the site within the next couple of weeks. I work slowly, ok? As always, if anyone wants to catch up the link to the site is above in the little links box or my Absolution button is in the sidebar.

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8/10/2022-"Mad God"

G and I were in a chatty mood so I thought it might be fun to watch something we could talk over without much trouble, so I put on “Mad God”. I watched this when it became available, and immediately noted the people in my circle who I thought would like it and those who should NEVER see it. It’s not a movie for everyone. In fact, I’m of the strong opinion that it’s for a very specific and niche audience, but that that audience will love it. There’s almost no obvious plot, just a string of events in an incredibly dense world that is presented in some of the most interesting and visually striking stop-motion animation I’ve ever seen. It is NOT an animation for children, although I think with discretion perhaps certain tweenagers might enjoy it without much consequence. I think I would have been allowed to watch it at age 11/12, and I think I would have loved it then too. It’s grotesque, chaotic, horrifying, and confusing– but I feel like there’s just one or two key elements I’m missing to be able to understand it better. There’s some judeo-christian imagery sprinkled without, so I’m certain there is meaning I’m unable to interpret because I lack the knowledge necessary. Even without it, though, the film is crafted in a way that if one has an appreciation for animation and the macabre then it’s worth a watch. It’s a film that I will praise endlessly simply for not being ashamed to wholly be the vision of the creator. It feels like the artist’s mind spilled directly onto the screen, and in a world increasingly dominated by sanitized, cookie-cutter media, it stands out. If this can still be made and distributed, then there’s hope for all the weirdos I think.

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