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Ok, so, it's been a while. Life happens, unfortunely, and death too. I'm back though, and I have a lot of plans and ideas in the works. I also updated my comic on my other site. Anyways, neither are abandoned, so stay tuned for new things coming down the pipe lol.


Blurgh, I keep updating the files but not actually uploading them to Neocities lol. Also, some of my "Neato Pages" buttons are jacked up and I haven's looked into them yet so bear with the uglieness for now. So I know this will be a huge update actually, like 6 weeks or something. Sorry lol.


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I didn't even upload the last updates and here I am a MONTH later!! It's really been one. I started two new meds at the start of the month and already am weaning off of one, and it's messed me up a bit. I've also had two very large pin orders to fill in the last two weeks so I've been busier with actual work than normal. I really am hoping now that I have kind of leveled out that I can start keeping this site up much more regularly, and keep my comic flow quick and regular as well. I have a lot of plans for this site in my head and I really don't want my shit brain to keep me from it. Hope some of y'all stick around, I really so appreciate the amount of views I've gotten on this silly thing lol.


I finally was able to get my clipstudio all put back together and get my workflow running smoothly again. Being forced to reorganize everything kind of helped me find some things I'd lost, and I was actually able to crank out the last 5 pages really fast once I actually started working again. So, chapter 6 is up on my other site if anyone is interested. I'm glad to be able to start working again, and hope to start uploading quicker but no promises lol.


I was cleaning up my computer and something in my Clip Studio got corrupted, so I had to uninstall it all and reinstall it. I didn't lose any work, but in the process it did uninstall all my materials and assets, as well as any materials or pallettes or auto actions I had created. I can recover most if not all of the downloaded assets, but it will take me a while to get my workspace back to how I like it. Until I can get it all back I will be working a lot slower, unfortunately. This is majorly disappointing to me, as I had been actually working much, much faster than usual at this stage in creating a chapter. So I'm a bit disheartened. Hopefully it won't be too much trouble to get my necessary assets back, and I can continue working as I put my workspace back in order.


I've been really slacking on working on my comic this last month or so, but I've just finished laying all the flat color for the whole chapter and am about to start shading. So, almost done, but also shading takes me the longest lol. Hopefully I can really push myself to work on it consistently and I'll be able to get it out on the site within the next couple of weeks. I work slowly, ok? As always, if anyone wants to catch up the link to the site is above in the little links box or my Absolution button is in the sidebar.

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10/5/2022- "Poltergeist"(1982)

Whoa, three weeks in a row! It’s October. It’s feeling like Fall outside. It’s spooky movie time. G and I perused the list and came to the decision of “Poltergeist” (1982). Unsurprisingly, G had never seen it. I’ve seen it about a billion times and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. My parents loved this movie, and we watched it as a family A LOT. I think it’s a pretty good horror entry point for most kids. It’s very Spielbergian, with its intense focus on the family and their relationships with each other. They're a very functional family, who love and care for each other. This is the reason to watch the movie imo. The ghosts and the haunting are fun and interesting, but it’s really how the family reacts to everything that is happening to them. For this to work so well though, the cast had to be perfect, and it was. Craig T. Nelson is the most Dad dad to ever dad, and JoBeth Williams brings the perfect energy to the incredibly important mother. The kids are great too. Oliver Robins is able to characterize Robbie with little dialogue, and Heather O’Rourke gives a performance that will literally never be forgotten. Come on. “They’re hEere!” is just as overused by annoying horror fans as “HEEERRRE’S JOHNNY!!”. G even pointed at the screen in excitement when she said it.

While I do think that it is a pretty good family movie, there are some parts that can be frightening— for a kid especially. The entity targets the children specifically, and it appears that the kids can perceive the ghosts differently than the adults and the audience. The beginning of the movie is so quiet and cheerful, that when Robbie is getting eaten by a tree 2 minutes later you feel just as discombobulated as the parents do. I imagine this would be a very stressful movie for a parent as well. My parents often voiced this opinion, and I think they liked it for this reason. As horror fans not much scared them, but this did. An otherworldly attack on their family and home would be terrifying.

I could go on and on about the amazing technical aspects of this movie but I’ll spare you— a little. I want to mention some things that stand out to me that set this apart from other horror movies. I think Spielberg has a very unique take on horror that I wish someone could rip off decently well already. I think the closest I can think of a modern comparison is Mike Flanagan. His movies all have this less than modern quality to them, plus he often chooses projects that work well for his style. “Jaws” is another very unique Spielberg horror that will always be remembered and its cultural impact is still very much felt to this day. The way these movies use light is very important to why each film feels the way they do. And I cannot leave without talking about the music. For “Jaws” it was John Williams ability to create THE most memorable themes for everything ever, and for “Poltergeist” it was good ol’ Jerry Goldsmith. If you’re not the biggest movie nerd like me, and you’re under the age of 45, you might not know who that is. He’s scored very many movies with unique and interesting music rare to see in modern movies. “The Mummy”, “The Omen”, “Rambo”, “Total Recall”, “Gremlins”, and many, many more. So many of my personal favorite movies were scored by Goldsmith. He’s up there with Danny Elfman for me.

”Poltergeist” is a very interesting movie to me. Tons of urban legends around it, quotable lines, memorable visuals, and unique characters. And yet it feels like it kind of remained in the 80’s, well loved by that generation and maybe their kids but not as relevant as something like “Jaws” which came out almost a decade prior. Is it the familial nature of it? Is the scary part just not relatable anymore? Or is it just an outdated kind of horror that’s just not popular and won’t be again at least for a long while? Whatever the case, I’m more than happy to nudge anyone into watching it by saying “It’s not even scary!” “It’s just a fun kind of kiddy kind of spooky movie, you can handle it!” Or “It’s great for Halloween! It’s a Halloween movie!”. These tactics are admittedly hit or miss, but I’m glad I watched it with G and now he got H to watch it and she’s way more influential lol. She also used to not like horror much at all, and now she’s watching it all the time. My influence is spreading like a disease, muahahaha!!!

*rubs hands together menacingly*

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